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My Steamy, Dreamy Valentine

Celebrate the season of love with Classical Concept’s brand-new My Steamy, Dreamy Valentine Spa Menu! Relax and bid farewell to the worries of life with this hand-curated selection of delightful seasonal offerings, and reserve your appointment online or in store, today! 

Rose Quartz

Melt into relaxation with this luxe facial that uses our natural skincare. Powerful, scientifically-supported ingredients drive undeniable results for your skin. A detoxifying massage using rose quartz stones will leave your skin illuminated and ready for an enchanting evening.
$130.00 | 55 mins.

Love You A Latte
Manicure & Pedicure

Dry, dull heels & hands are cradled ion a sultry, organic blueberry soak--infused with vitamin E to add must-have hydration. Then, a delicious sea salt scrub buffs the rough away to reveal supple, bouncy skin! Next part, best part: a warm compress replenishes skin with vitamins C, E, and B5. End with a glistening, bourbon-infused oil kneading--you're left supple to the touch and glistening to the eye.
$45.00 | 45 mins.
$50.00 | 45 mins. - Master Level

$75.00 | 55 mins.
$80.00 | 55 mins. - Master Level

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